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International students 

Iscrizione per studenti internazionali

Per informazioni sul Progetto Erasmus Plus contatta il Referente Didattico per la Mobilità Internazionale



Application for international students

The students willing to attend the Master course in Food Sceince and Technology must possess a three years University level degree or a similar degree recognized by the regulations in force.

A dedicated Committee will check the curriculum vitae qualification, which must include a congruous number of exams in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, food engineering, agricultural microbiology and food technology through the analysis of the documents presented by each candidate.

The same Committee will evaluate the adequacy of the personal knowledge also through interviews on the topics listed in the Syllabus below.


- General and Food Microbiology: basic knowledge on the role of the microorganisms in the food transformation and preservation.

- Food Technology: basic knowledge on the unit operations in food processing and transformation of raw materials from plant and animal origin.

- Food processing plants: basic knowledge on the plants for the transformation and preservation of foods.

- Food economics and policy: basic knowledge for the economical management of food companies.

- Food chemistry analyses: basic knowledge on the food compositon, analytica techniques, considering also consumer protection.




For further information: Referente Didattico per la Mobilità Internazionale





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